Polish Potato Vodka from Podole Wielkie Farm

The distillery, where the vodka served during our meeting was produced, has over 150 years of tradition. It has always been an integral part of the farm. It used to be one of many objects of this type which, with their characteristic brick chimneys, were easily recognizable elements of the rural landscape. Today it is one of the few remaining agricultural distilleries. The history of this place is obliging, and we are glad that we can cooperate with such a farm by offering our consulting and biological solutions, including Argos (orange oil), which is used to prevent the sprouting of potatoes that are intended for sale.

The distillery has been developing for almost 30 years, it is a small family business. Thanks to diligent work and passion and knowledge gained over the years creates truly exceptional things. It is a place where the idea of ​​”from field to bottle” is realized with passion and pride.

Grown, harvested and distilled in Pomerania

The farm is located in Pomerania, 20 km from the Baltic coast, surrounded by fields and forests, away from large industrial centers. When deciding to create their own products, the owners knew that they had to be authentic, all products are made entirely by themselves, in one place. These are complex, ambitious spirits, created in such a way that the flavour and aroma of the raw material used in their production is clearly present. Podole Wielkie alcohols do not contain any additives, are not filtered, and the finished distillate is bottled and labeled by hand. All products are made in limited editions. Most of products are vintage by a year of raw material harvest. Everyone is different, unique. Cheers! Na zdrowie!